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Message from Rick Ulfik, Executive Director of We, The World

$1 million isn't much of a budget for an average company or even a moderate-sized non-profit org. But used wisely it could make it possible for the world's leading international movements and millions of individuals and smaller groups to work together on specific issues. These coordinated coalitions could generate mainstream political will and create the major cultural shift needed for lasting change and a Livable Future.

We, The World has many of the Strategic Alliances needed and has already begun international organizing with programs like 11 Days of Global Unity. which had over 700 associated events in September 2006. It has taken us many years to get to this point. Now YOU can help accelerate the process at this critical point in our collective history!

With your financial support and forwarding this email to the "right" people, here's what $1 million could accomplish within 2 years:

Vision For Change

Imagine 1000's of organizations and businesses that work for peace and sustainability establishing such collaborative working relationships and being so well linked around the world that a success in one region is soon modeled in dozens of others!

Imagine those organizations participating in multi-country events that take place several times a year, with substantial mainstream and independent media coverage, in which visionaries, activists, artists, celebrities, diplomats, socially responsible business leaders, forward thinking government officials, and the general public come together to celebrate, share information and take action regarding issues that affect the whole planet!

Now imagine after each event thousands of new people get involved, and, with expanding media coverage, soon millions swell the ranks (and the bank accounts!) of non-profit peace and environmental organizations and sustainable businesses worldwide - transforming society and themselves, consciously and collectively using their buying power, their voting power and their people power to move us visibly toward a world that works for all!

There's only one catch. This can only happen if YOU get involved!

"Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war."
- Martin Luther King Jr.
Many thanks to all who responded to our New Year's message Do You Want A Livable Future? It's up to YOU this New Year! Your contributions are helping us implement our planned programs this year. But to realistically address the urgent global crisis we face, we need to go much further, faster!

What Would YOU Give For a Livable Future?

Scientists around the world have concluded that unless extraordinary measures are taken now, Global Climate Change and the Mass Extinction of Species (at least 10 per day) will become irreversible with devastating consequences even in the wealthiest countries. But escalating militarism and violence are draining massive amounts of funds, resources and the human spirit needed to address these and the other crises that affect everyone on the planet.

And even if somehow the huge obstacles disappear to allow the Kyoto Accord, the U.N. Millennium Development Goals, the Clinton Global Initiative and other major efforts to accomplish their objectives, the underlying reasons for this rush towards global collapse will still be there.

Beyond emergency measures to avert the Climate, Extinction and other urgent crises, what's needed is a major cultural shift, especially in the wealthiest countries. We, The World has begun this strategy with an incredible team and ever-expanding global Strategic Alliances to create the needed tipping point of support for humanity taking a new direction - away from what Advisory Board member Riane Eisler calls Dominator Culture (and it's impending collapse) and toward Partnership Culture.

Will you help us raise $1 million dollars for a Livable Future??? We have detailed budgets which we can share with potential Visionary Investors.

World Savers Circle
Our World Savers Circle includes people who feel that "to be a stakeholder in We, The World is to be a stakeholder in the future of humanity." World Savers Circle members contribute $1000 or more during the year.

Would you like to be part of this Circle?
Who do you know who would like to turn their financial success into a legacy of global transformation by investing in a Livable Future?

If you have not already done so, you can make an immediate secure payment through PayPal by going to Or you can send a check payable to We, The World in US currency to the address below. Thank you!

We, The World
211 East 43rd Street Suite 710
New York, NY 10017

With much appreciation,

Rick Ulfik
Executive Director of We, The World

P.S. If you are inspired by what we're doing, please forward this link to your friends, colleagues, and the "right" people who can help raise $1 million dollars to move humanity off the path of catastrophe as soon as possible for a peaceful, sustainable world. And of course, your financial support is crucial. Thanks!

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