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11 Days includes concerts, festivals, webcasts, and other events culminating on Sept. 21 the International Day of Peace. Events associated with 11 Days combine compelling speakers, engaging artistic presentations and consciousness-raising themes in line with We, The World's mission to inspire, inform and involve the public in visionary solutions that create cultures of peace and environmental well-being.
This year 11 Days will be bigger than ever. We are collaborating with many groups including the MK Gandhi Institute and the Association for Global New Thought to promote the 100 year Anniversary of Gandhi's first nonviolent action Sept. 11th and the 10th year of the Season for Nonviolence. Events are being planned for each of the 11 Days starting with an Interfaith Ceremony Sept. 11th with Arun Gandhi on the mall in Washington DC. Earthdance will celebrate their 10th Anniversary on the weekend of Sept. 15th and 16th with Arun Gandhi appearing at their hub event for "The Gandhi Tour". Earthdance is part of 11 Days with more than 220 events in 50 countries. The Peace Alliance Foundation has launched it's Peace Registry and The Peace Alliance is sponsoring a National Walk for Peace September 16th during the 11 Days.
11 Days of Global Unity
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