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Videotapes are now available from the excellent media panel convened by We, The World at the Open Center/CUNY Graduate Center conference American Spirit, Values and Power May 3, 2003:

New Media Making A Difference


AMY GOODMAN - Award winning journalist and internationally recognized host of Democracy Now! on the Pacifica Radio Network and television.

DANNY SCHECHTER - Executive Editor of, Co-Founder and Executive Producer of Globalvision; produced and directed many TV specials and films, including Counting on Democracy (on the 2000 election); co-produced Rights & Wrongs: Human Rights Television with Charlayne Hunter-Gault; former staff producer at CNN in Atlanta; former producer at ABC for 20/20; author of Media Wars: News at a Time of Terror and The More You Watch, The Less You Know

MIKE BURKE - Co-Founder and one of the editors of the New York Indypendent bi-weekly newspaper which is published by the New York City Independent Media Center; a producer of the Pacifica radio and television program Democracy Now! And he is a former staff reporter at the Springfield Union News and Greenfield Recorder in Massachusetts.

FREDERICK LANCASTER - Founder, Sunrise Alliance Progressive Media Campaign

RICK ULFIK (Panel Moderator) - Founder and Director of We, The World; Director of the InterConnect Collaborative Media Program; Co-Chair of the Foundation for Ethics and Meaning (FEM); Producer of Visual Voices TV show of FEM.

Hear some of the most important voices in the forefront of progressive media and politics today!

Topics include

* The state of media today and what we can do about it.
* The integral role of the media in shaping American culture, public opinion and policy
* Media consolidation and the threat to democracy
* The use of Public Relations by the government to sway public opinion
* The origins and current activities of the Independent Media Center Network
* The collaborative nature of the expanding alternative and independent media movement.


New Media Making A Difference

(NOTE: The panel is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes long)

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