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Our purpose is to maximize social change on a global scale
to create cultures of peace and environmental well-being
for a world that works for all.
We hope you will join us in this endeavor!

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Support the Change!
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"This work for peace, both inner and outer peace,
is needed now more than ever. ...
Your work is clearly a force for the highest good."
- Jonathan Granoff (President, Global Security Institute)

"Congratulations on the great work you are doing ...
our message is gaining momentum outside of the UN circles -
and you have been such a big part of doing that. "
- Nancy Roof (Editor, Kosmos Journal and Board Officer, Lifebridge Foundation)

How you can help:

1. Take a leadership role as a Resource Partner, Advisor or Volunteer.

2. Join our Circle of Visionary Investors!
Every $1,000 you invest provides issue information and ways to get involved in the solutions to over 10,000 people per month!

Your investment will help us raise $95,000 to launch a new breakthrough program for We CAN! - Global Resources Networking - including organizing, communications and collaborations tools and staff benefiting 1,000s of organizations and the millions of people they serve worldwide.
3. Get your colleagues and friends involved!

To support our efforts now, you may make an immediate secure credit card payment by pressing this button:

(If you have any questions about your payment, you may contact PayPal at 888 221-1161)

Or you may send a check or money order payable to We, The World in U.S. currency to the address below.
We, The World
211 East 43rd St. Suite 710
New York, NY 10017

Your contribution is tax deductible. We, The World is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status that promotes peace and environmental values and practices to the public through major events and the Internet.

Thank you for your investment and.for the difference you are making in the world!

A message from Nobel Peace Laureate
Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Archbishop Desmond Tutu

"The objective of the organization We, The World is to facilitate cooperation on a global scale amongst groups and individuals dedicated to implementing solutions to the many challenges we face on the planet at this time. We, The World wishes to inspire, inform and involve more and more people in these solutions to bring about large scale change."

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